Discover innovative BidScreen XL takeoff and estimating software that gives you the power to takeoff your electronic drawings directly in Microsoft Excel, saving you time, increasing accuracy and shrinking costs. The software is incredibly easy to use, affordable and rich in features.

  • BidScreen XL works with vector and raster file types such as PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF and more.
  • BidScreen XL add-in software documents the quantity takeoff seamlessly in both 32bit and 64bit Microsoft Excel.
  • By adding BidScreen XL, the whole takeoff process of measuring and calculating quantities is simplified, being performed directly in Microsoft Excel.
  • Combining BidScreen XL and Excel provides the flexibility and ease of use that pre-construction managers demand.
  • There’s no need to switch back and forth between Excel and a more limited on-screen digitising program.
  • Everything is saved with the Excel workbook.
  • An outstanding audit trail is achieved, thanks to the measurement value and colour coded drawings being automatically recorded to the cell.
  • You can use your own Excel workbooks or customise any of the beneficial takeoff and estimating templates on offer.
  • Functions and formulas will calculate quantities and bid pricing from the BidScreen XL measurements.

Rely on SiteWorx O/S. Accurate and affordable surface modeller and site excavation quantity calculator.

SiteWorx O/S innovative software creates surface models and accurately calculates site excavation quantities with ease.

SiteWorx O/S is simple, affordable and does everything you need it to. Speed, productivity, accuracy, estimating confidence and profits are all increased as a result of SiteWorx O/S. 

And with Version 9 now available, you can compare the value-adding features at your leisure. 



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