Digital Drawing Measurement Software
Sep 25, 2022

Over the last few years I’ve had occasional contact with a Contractor regarding using BidScreen XL electronic drawing takeoff software.

I was always told they were using Quick Scale software.

Anyway, for some reason a couple of months ago, they decided they wanted to change and purchased two BidScreen XL licences.

So far so good.

This week, they came back to us and said that they were so pleased with BidScreen XL, that wanted to purchase a further six licences!!!

Now to get a company to change from their existing takeoff software package is good, to then find that they like it so much, they want to purchase more is fantastic.

So if you currently don’t have digital drawing takeoff software, or even if you do, take a look at BidScreen XL.

BidScreen XL digital drawing takeoff software is perfect for any Estimator/QS who likes to record measures or measures/costs in a MS Excel spreadsheet.

Why BidScreen XL digital drawing takeoff software?

  1. It’s the only direct MS Excel drawing takeoff software add-in, which gives it major advantages over any other takeoff software.
  2. Quantities are automatically sent to any individual cell in your Excel spreadsheet. No importing or exporting and no manual quantity entries required.
  3. Measures can be quickly and easily revised directly from your MS Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Full audit trail of your measure.
  5. You can print or save as pdf files your marked up drawings. Great for sending to other estimators or trade sub-contractors.
  6. Quick and very easy to use.
  7. Measures and costs can be retained within the same MS Excel spreadsheet rather than having your measures in one program and your cost in another, unconnected program.

Get BidScreen XL digital drawing takeoff software today.

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